Matt Addington, CFP®


Matt Addington loves to help clients plan for and meet their financial goals so that they are able to enjoy retirement.  This passion has successfully driven his portfolio and served each of his clients with desired results.  As Partner and Wealth Manager at Constitution Wealth, he streamlines the complex processes involved in financial planning to ensure maximum effectiveness for his clients. Matt is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and serves on the Investment Committee at Constitution Wealth.

Matt cares deeply about his country and the values on which it was founded.  As one of the partners at Constitution Wealth, Matt believes that personal values and convictions can and should align with your investment portfolio. He is passionate about helping his clients create a plan focused on that.

Matt achieves professional success out of an overflow from the support and love of his faith and family.  He and his wife, Candace, have a son and two daughters and spend their free time enjoying their kids’ activities and serving at Milestone Church where they lead an adult small group, volunteer in guest services, and engage in global missions work.  Matt’s favorite escapes include an occasional golf game or traveling around the country with friends.  Matt is a proud native Texan and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Tarleton State University in 2001.


We give you the ability to invest in projects that align with your core values and the freedom to give to causes that you are passionate about. We want to empower you to make financial decisions based on your patriotic values through an intimate relationship built on mutual core beliefs. You reap the financial benefits for years to come when you decide to invest in your values.

You will maximize your financial gain and you won’t be ashamed about how you did it. At Constitution Wealth, we pride ourselves on helping you align your money with your values. You can invest in companies that support the same

causes you do. You don’t have to work with a wealth management team that is fundamentally misaligned with your value system!

Right now, your financial investments could be creating capital for values that you do not agree with. We want to give you the resources and guidance you need to start investing in your passions and beliefs. You have the ability to start creating political and economic change once you align your values with your financial portfolio. We don’t avoid talking about beliefs, we encourage it and want to foster your passions through wealth management.