Hypothetical Client Profile

Married with four children

Key Concern

Finding an advisor that shares his values when making financial decisions

Discover Constitution Wealth's Solution for John

John is a Texan. He grew up in a Dallas suburb and studied business at SMU, graduating in 2001. He’s married to Susan who he met in his senior year in college at a College Republicans social event. John and Susan have 4 children ranging from 6 to 16 years old. They enjoy camping, hunting, fishing, skiing, and golf.

They have recently moved to Boise Idaho where John is establishing a new location for his trampoline entertainment company, Axelerate. They have recently joined Boise Baptist Church and are enjoying getting to know their new church family.

Along with selecting new professional providers in his new state, doctors, attorneys, etc…, John decided to choose a new financial advisor. He’d been working with a broker at a New York-based firm but he had 3 objections:

1. The firm was not a fiduciary firm. It always seemed like they were selling something.

2. The broker and his firm were promoting political ideas and lifestyle choices that were in conflict with John and Susan’s values.

3. The previous broker was not a financial planner. His expertise was limited to investments and John needed help with tax, estate, asset protection, and charitable planning.

John and Susan chose Constitution Wealth (CW) as their new financial planning firm. Through CW’s wealth management process, they were able to set up a succession plan for John’s business, as well as achieve other business-level tax savings by restructuring the design of the pension plan that John had put in place a decade ago.

Their estate plan was updated to reflect the current law in their new state as well as protect an inheritance Susan received using an offshore asset protection trust.

John preferred not to invest in companies whose corporate behavior did not comport with his conservative values. John felt strongly about avoiding investments in companies supporting left-wing political and moral positions. So, CW designed a portfolio strategy that was aligned with his values as well as his financial goals.

Finally, John was able to gain additional tax leverage by donating low-basis stock from his portfolio to his church and favorite charities. His investments and donations were not tax-optimized before.

Most importantly, John feels that he is on the same page as his advisor, values-wise, which makes him feel comfortable partnering with Constitution Wealth for such important financial decisions.

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Our Certified Financial Planners® are trained to integrate the knowledge of estate planning, tax, investments, asset protection, and charitable giving into advice driven by your values and goals. With years of experience, all members of our team work collaboratively to guide you to your wealth management objectives.

*John is not an actual client of Constitution Wealth. This is a hypothetical example of the kinds of benefits an ideal client may experience. Outcomes such as this are not guaranteed. Any similarities to real events, names, or persons is purely coincidental. Constitution Wealth does not give legal or tax advice.

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