Brooks Morgan, CFP®


brooks morgan
brooks morgan

An Albuquerque native, Brooks graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He proudly served on the Board of Directors of the Financial Planning Association of Austin and spent several years promoting financial responsibility by volunteering at Foundation Communities as a tax preparer for low-income households.


Brooks is passionate about the core values upon which this nation was built. As one of the founding partners of Constitution Wealth, Brooks believes that financial decisions should align with personal convictions and values. Brooks serves as Partner, Lead Advisor, Portfolio Manager and sits on the firm’s investment committee.


Brooks keeps his clients informed with cutting-edge investment strategies. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he streamlines the complex processes of financial planning to ensure effective wealth management for the individuals and families he serves.. Brooks works closely with his clients and their other trusted professionals providing fiduciary advice throughout the journey toward achieving their goals.


Brooks and his wife, Addie, welcomed their first child, Charlotte, in 2021. The Morgans attend Lake Hills Church and serve with the Mobile Loaves & Fishes ministry providing meals and clothes to the homeless and under-resourced across Austin. Brooks and Addie both come from large families and enjoy spending time with them and friends.


Away from the office, Brooks enjoys cooking and playing golf. His passion for travel has awarded him the rare accomplishment of having visited all 50 states and having seen every Major League Baseball team play in its home stadium. Brooks plans to repeat this achievement with Addie and Charlotte as well as take them to visit all of the National Parks.


We give you the ability to invest in projects that align with your core values and the freedom to give to causes that you are passionate about. We want to empower you to make financial decisions based on your patriotic values through an intimate relationship built on mutual core beliefs. You reap the financial benefits for years to come when you decide to invest in your values.

You will maximize your financial gain and you won’t be ashamed about how you did it. At Constitution Wealth, we pride ourselves on helping you align your money with your values. You can invest in companies that support the same

causes you do. You don’t have to work with a wealth management team that is fundamentally misaligned with your value system!

Right now, your financial investments could be creating capital for values that you do not agree with. We want to give you the resources and guidance you need to start investing in your passions and beliefs. You have the ability to start creating political and economic change once you align your values with your financial portfolio. We don’t avoid talking about beliefs, we encourage it and want to foster your passions through wealth management.