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Navigating Your Financial Journey: One Advisor or Many?

Embarking on a journey toward financial security and prosperity is a significant step that requires careful planning, expert guidance, and informed decision-making. One of the most crucial choices…

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Unveiling “America’s Most Woke Companies” Investment Strategy: Investing with a Conscience

In the world of conscious investing, where financial decisions are driven by ethical considerations, “America’s Most Woke Companies” strategy has emerged as a compelling approach for…

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Is Aligning Your Investment Portfolio with Your Conservative Investment Values Worth It?

In an era where personal values are increasingly influencing our choices, aligning investment portfolios with our patriotic values has become a significant consideration. However, some folks may…

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Harnessing the Power of Three Votes: Ballot Box, Wallet, and Investments in the Culture War

In a democratic setting like the United States, the power to mold the future of the nation lies in the hands of its citizens. Exercising this power goes beyond traditional voting. It includes…

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How Working with a CFP Professional or Wealth Manager is Like Using a General Contractor

The Role of a Certified Financial Planner Much like a general contractor, a CFP professional isn’t a specialist in every specific area but possesses a deep understanding of the larger…

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Building an Ideal Conservative Investment Portfolio: A Comprehensive Approach

Investing in the right portfolio is crucial for long-term financial success. It requires careful consideration of various factors, including diversification, factor exposures, bond quality and…

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Who’s Managing your Shareholder Vote?

Did you know that when you buy a share of stock, it comes with a vote? You can show up at shareholder meetings and vote (even speak to management), or you can use an easier method called a proxy…

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Should I Invest in Gold?

Gold, all the Risk of Stocks with the Potential Return of Bonds. Because many of our new clients come from radio ads, they are constantly bombarded with messages from companies who sell gold…

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Defund Woke Corporations Today!

Divesting from “woke” corporations means making a conscious choice to not invest in companies that have a left-leaning agenda or to promote progressive social causes.  Some patriotic…

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The Secret Sauce of Financial Advice

Many people view personal financial planning as simply a means to an end: the end being a comfortable retirement or a large investment portfolio.  While there is some truth in the above statement,…

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Constitution Wealth’s Core Values

Here at Constitution Wealth, we believe we are nothing without a strong foundation of Core Values.  Here are ours: Our first Core Value here at Constitution Wealth comes from The Bible. The Bible…

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How to Implement Conservative ESG in your Portfolio - 5 Simple Steps

Progressive ESG vs Conservative ESG

The differences between the types of ESG and the difference areas they encompass. Progressive ESG Conservative ESG EnvironmentEnvironment - Global Warming / cooling / climate…

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How to Execute on Values Driven Investing

Assuming that you have decided to make values-driven investing part of your investment process, how do you actually do it? There are four main methods that we’ll discuss here. 1. Do it yourself. 2.…

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Why Investing is like Panning for Gold

One way to find gold is to pan for it. You take the silt and sand from the bottom of a river, usually up in the mountains where gold seems are exposed, and you scoop it up in a pan. Then you swirl…

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The Woke Corporate Response to Roe v. Wade

The Woke Corporate Response to Roe

There was a time when business stuck to business. That is, they focused on the needs of their customers and would never dare tackle a controversial topic for fear that they would alienate large…

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How to Implement Conservative ESG into Your Portfolio

Did you know that you could use ESG and support conservative companies? It’s possible and we cover 5 simple steps on how you can start implementing Conservative ESG in your portfolio starting…

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What Is Conservative ESG

What is Conservative ESG?

What used to be called socially conscious investing (and was mostly a conservative concern) has morphed into something called Environmental, Social, and Governance investing (ESG) and is being…

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Values Based Employment Trends for Financial Advisors

Values Based Employment Trends for Financial Advisors – 5 Key Concepts

Many of the largest advisory firms have become politically active. Back in the day, businesses didn’t get involved in politics. They knew that half their employees, investors, and customers would…

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